Aroma Spa Luxury Manicure / Pedicure

Andrew Michaels Signature Service

A heavenly treat to pamper your hands and feet! After a cleansing spa soak, an aromatic blend of sea salts polishes rough spots, buffs dry skin and removes calluses. A firming clay masque smoothes your skin to silk, and a body butter massage with warm mitts or booties moisturizes while you relax into bliss. Finish with shaping and perfect polish.

Hands – 40 min / $35
Feet – 70 min / $55

Beach Feet

Andrew Michaels Signature Service

A powerful pedicure that deeply exfoliates to smooth dry, rough feet. Professional strength hydroxy acids naturally soften callused skin, while a nutrient rich masque and deep moisture massage hydrate and nourish. Finish with nail shaping and perfect polish.

70 min / $55

Essential Pedicure

A classic pedicure that includes soothing herbal soak, almond scrub, AHA deep lotion massage, nail shaping and perfect polish.

50 min / $45
Gel Pedi – $60

Simply Citrus Manicure

A classic manicure that includes citrus soak, nail shaping, and perfect polish.

25 min / $22

Gel Manicure

The two week manicure. No chips, No drills, No damage to your nails…NO kidding!

30 min / $35

Treatments and Additions

French Polish Hands – $4 Feet – $6
Polish Change Hands – $12 Feet – $15

Gel Manicure Soak Off – $5